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ProKennex Pickleball: Black Ace LG (Long Grip) Pickleball Paddle

Includes free pickleball paddle cover.

The Black Ace LG Pickleball Paddle, which stands for "LONG GRIP", is a collaboration between ProKennex, and PPA Pro and #1 ranked Racquetball Player, Daniel de la Rosa.

The white and pink colors decorate this 10mm wide pickleball paddle core, Daniel's professional colors. 

The pickleball paddle face width is slightly less than the BLACK ACE PRO, allowing for an extended length of the paddle

Not only is the paddle elongated, but the grip is longer which allows for two handed backhand players to use the paddle with ease and comfort.

The raw carbon t700 face allows for maximum spin, the Air-O-Guard system allows for a more aerodynamic paddle which swings through the air faster than any 3 piece paddle, resulting in quicker reflexes and more powerful strikes.

The longer handle pushes the sweet spot north, creating a longer fulcrum at strike for maximum power with minimal effort.

ProKennex Black Ace LG Pickleball Paddle Specs

Weight: 7.95 oz
Grip: 4"
Handle Length: 5.8"
Paddle Length: 16.4"