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How Can I Join Your Pickleball Affiliate Program?

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We help you, you help us — we all help each other promote pickleball!


Click on "ENROLL NOW". You will then be asked to enter some contact information and also agree with the Program's Terms and Conditions.

NOTE: Starting on January 1, 2024,the Pickleball Superstore SuperAffiliate Program will cost $20 to join. An annual $20 fee will be required to remain as a member of this program. The $20 annual fee will be processed on the anniversary of each SuperAffiliate's enrollment date.

Pickleball Superstore's SuperAffiliate Program is THE MOST lucrative program in the industry.

1) After enrollment, each SuperAffiliate will be issued a unique 10% off coupon code and URL to share with their friends, family, and followers. 

2) When customers purchase using a unique code, the SuperAffiliate will earn 10% on each of those purchases.

3) Anyone can become a SuperAffiliate. If referred SuperAffiliates purchase or sell products, the Referring SuperAffiliate will earn between 4-10% of those sales (depending on total referred sales in a calendar month). Refer 1 SuperAffiliate or 10,000 - there's no limit to the number of Referred Customers or Referred SuperAffiliates.

4)A unique feature of Pickleball Superstore is that we also set aside 2% of all SuperAffiliate sales to pay "bonus commissions" to the most engaged SuperAffiliates. This feature is very exciting. To qualify for these "bonus commissions," a SuperAffiliate must meet minimum sales or referred SuperAffiliate sales in a calendar month. Review the Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Our Independent Contractor SuperAffiliate Compensation Plan is robust and includes a few requirements for commissions payments.

1) No requirements are in place to earn the 10% commissions on Customer orders a SuperAffiliate personally refers, other than staying active as a SuperAffiliate. An active SuperAffiliateis anyone who signs up and pays their annual $20 fee,

2) To earn the 4-10% commissions on Referred SuperAffiliate sales, there is a $100 per month sales minimum requirement. This sales minimum is derived from personal purchases completed by the SuperAffiliate or by purchases made by one or more of the SuperAffiliate's customers.

3) A unique and very special feature of the Independent Contractor SuperAffiliate Compensation Plan is the Bonus Pool. This Bonus Pool is paid to the highest-performing SuperAffiliates each month. Qualification for this Bonus Pool occurs each calendar month and can consist of zero, one, or more SuperAffiliates, depending on the criteria for this Bonus Pool. Please review the Independent Contractor SuperAffiliate Compensation Plan for details.

Yes, all sales generated by a SuperAffiliate will flow into the commissions program. Some products may be excluded from the SuperAffiliate's unique code / URL. Those exclusions will vary.

Earn commissions on the brands thatPickleball Superstore offers. SuperAffiliates are not limited to only one brand or one product line. This greatly improves the earning potential vs. being an ambassador for one brand only.

Yes. Each SuperAffiliate is an Independent Contractor. Any SuperAffiliate who earns more than $600 in commissions in a calendar year will be issued a 1099 for tax purposes. Please read the Terms and Conditions which are available to you during the enrollment process.

During the enrollment process, you’ll be able to review the Program’s Terms and Conditions. You can also download them as a PDF to review. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at


Affiliate Programs are very standard for eCommerce brands. Most are transaction-focused and boring. Many are exclusive. Some limit the amount of time that you can earn commission from the existing customers you refer.

1) Enrollment can be open to anyone or it can be limited to "influencers" with specific levels of followers or engagement online. Some programs require you to apply, then the company will respond in a week or so letting you know if they want you in their program.

2) Once enrolled, Affiliates typically receive a unique code and/or URL to share with people. These usually provide the customer with some type of benefit to shop (e.g., savings, free shipping, free gifts, etc.). These codes and other features are located on another company's website, which can feel strange or disconnected from the brand you are trying to represent. 

 3) Affiliates earn a commission on each sale they refer. These commissions are usually paid out monthly. Some programs will not pay commissions unless the total amount exceeds a certain amount (e.g., $100).

4) 1099's are issued to Affiliates who earn more than $600 in a calendar year.

1) At Pickleball Superstore, we have a proprietary softwarethatis exclusive to us in the pickleball industry. It's extremely robust and powerful.

2) Most pickleball Affiliate (Ambassador) programs use 3rd party software platforms like Refersion, etc. These offer limited features and disconnected user experiences compared to what Pickleball Superstore's program offers. 

3) Most Affiliate programs use cookies to track customer sales. Cookies easily break and can be deleted, which causes a loss of sales and commissions for the Affiliate. Also, cookies are usually only tracking sales for 30-90 days. Pickleball Superstore links customers to SuperAffiliates directly so an order today and an order 12 months from today are still linked to you. Bottom line, we don’t take your customers from you over time and you continue to earn commissions from them! 

4) Most affiliate programs pay between 4-10%, and only on the customers you refer during the "cookie" tracking period. Pickleball Superstore's SuperAffiliate Program pays up to a maximum of 32% of each sale in benefits to SuperAffiliaties. That means savings for customers and commissions to SuperAffiliates. Again, no other brand is making the investment we are making in building our community.