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PlayOn Pain Relief Spray

5 Naturally Sourced Ingredients. Zero Synthetics.

From Dr. Alex Battaglia: With only 5 ingredients, the potency of each one is enhanced for powerful and effective pain relief.

- Menthol: Cooling Menthol causes penetrating cooling and warming sensations in the skin.

- Camphor: Warming Camphor works by activating heat-sensitive receptors.

- Arnica Montana: Highly concentrated Arnica tincture to naturally fight inflammation and heal bruises.

- Pistacia Lentiscus: By preventing cellular injury, Pistacia Lentiscus exhibits remarkable qualities that promote the healing of wounds.

- Lemon Zest Essential Oil: Lemon zest essential oil provides a fresh scent and soothes the skin.

PlayOn Relief DuraCool® Technology

The FIRST time-release sweat-resistant technology!

DuraCool® has been shown to alleviate pain longer and more powerfully by delivering the ingredients deeper into your muscles and joints beyond the skin-cell barrier.

This means you will get instantaneous, sustained, and powerful relief.

Backed by 10+ years of rigorous scientific research, DuraCool® is a powerful, FDA-compliant, and long-lasting solution for topical pain relief.

Verified Badge Boost athletic performance and recovery

Verified Badge Powerful, long-lasting muscle and joint pain relief

Verified Badge Instantaneous and quick-drying

Verified Badge DuraCool® time-release sweat-resistant technology

Verified Badge Backed by 10+ years of rigorous scientific research

Verified Badge Potent blend of 5 natural and anti-inflammatory ingredients

Verified Badge Lemon Breeze scent

Verified Badge FDA Compliant