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GAMMA Pickleball Paddle End Cap Weights

Tailor your pickleball paddle to perfection with the GAMMA Pickleball Paddle End Cap Weights. Designed for easy installation, these weights offer customizable options to enhance your performance on the court. Experience more power in your shots as you fine-tune the paddle's stability and control, providing a personalized feel that suits your playing style. With options of 3g, 6g, and 9g, you can adjust the swing weight to your preference, giving you the edge you need in every game.

Only works with RCF Airbender and Obsidian Pickleball Paddles.

GAMMA Pickleball Paddle End Cap Weights Specifications

Material: Plastic with Metal Insert

Weight: +3g, +6g, +9g (.1oz, .2oz, .3oz respectively)

Quantity: 3 unique weights per package

Carrying Case and Removal Tool included