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Essential Performance Shoe Insoles: Game Day Pro

by Pickleball Superstore December 05, 2022

Move Insoles bringing their Game Day Pro insoles to pickleball courts near you

"Every athlete knows that it all starts with the feet. It's the foundation. Move insoles are the secret that pros have known for years."

Damian Lillard 

Move Insoles, brought to you by NBA All Stars Chris Paul and Damian Lillard, have been used in basketball and volleyball for years.  People LOVE them.  Now they are excited to exclusive work with Pickleball Superstore to launche into the pickleball community.  Let's go!

Meet Your New Game Day Essential

Game Day Pro is the ultimate performance insole. Dynamic and alive, Game Day Pro will adapt to your shoe, foot, and playing style. It gives you a firm and bouncy foundation for take off with a cushioned and comfortable landing. Game Day Pro provides stability while elevating your natural foot movement. Game Day Pro is fully loaded for every time you show up and show out.

Move insoles brings you the same superior comfort, injury and fatigue prevention, optimal alignment, and performance advantages once only reserved for the pros. The Move Platform is the result of over ten years of research and the work of dozens of experts. All dedicated to the single purpose of bringing the best possible insole to every person and to every Game Day.

What Makes a Good Insole?

You have to consider the cushioning an insole provides. The cushion provided by your insole should immediately be noticeable as soon as you slip on the shoe. Many insoles bottom out (lose their cushion) after a few hours of play. A good insole will not only boost your shoe’s cushion but keep boosting the cushion until you burn a hole in the sole of the shoe.

Another feature a good insole will have is some sort of extra support. Not all pickleball shoes are created equal, obviously, and torsional support is a weak point in many models. Even if a shoe has good torsional support, a good insole should help your movement mechanics, making you more efficient on the pickleball court, helping prevent injury while simultaneously giving you a slight performance edge.

Custom vs Over-the-Counter Orthotics

If price is no issue (think several hundred dollars in cost), custom orthotics will always provide slightly better performance than over-the-counter models, because they are built to your exact specifications.  But for most pickleball players, cost is prohibitive.  

Over-the-counter orthotics, on the other hand, will usually be more reasonably priced but can be more hit-or-miss. Aside from the insole’s actual performance features, you have to consider how they will fit within your shoe. Many over-the-counter insoles are sold as “one size fits all” and require that the user cut them to the size and shape of their footwear, which is a hassle and can easily go awry. Over-the-counter insoles for pickleball shouldn’t break the bank and should be easy to set up in your shoes.

Best Shoe Insoles for Pickleball

Move Insoles are easily the best insoles for pickleball and it’s not even close. If you’re one to check what type of insoles brands provide with their shoes, then you know the struggle. The Ortholite stuff just doesn’t cut it with poor arch support, lackluster cushion and durability. But with Move, all of those concerns are solved. Everything you need and want in an insole is included for a reasonable price.

Purchase your Game Day Pro insoles now!

Move Game Day vs Game Day Pro: Pro 5

Inside the Move Insoles Platform

Damian Lillard with Move Performance Game Day Insoles Logo Base Product

Pro Base

Built from a Carbon-like composite for solid, strong, adaptive movements.
Damian Lillard with Move Performance Game Day Insoles Logo Foam Product

Dual-Foam System

Pulsion Energyfoam® for max energy return and Shockfree® foam for a custom feel, and impact absorption.
Damian Lillard with Move Performance Game Day Insoles Logo Insite Product

Insite Patented Shape

Patented shape gives custom-like benefits for 85% of wearers.
Damian Lillard with Move Performance Game Day Insoles Logo X Frame Product

X-Frame Torsional Support

Responsive composite heel and midfoot support for tuned stability and superior surface adaptability.
Damian Lillard with Move Performance Game Day Insoles Logo Heel Product

Active Heel Technology

Reduces peak pressure where needed most.
Damian Lillard with Move Performance Game Day Insoles Logo Forefoot Icon

Forefoot Grip

Stabilizes and enhances playing surface feel.
Damian Lillard with Move Performance Game Day Insoles Logo Topcloth Product

Low Friction Top Cloth

Optimized to reduce hot spots and slippage.
Damian Lillard with Move Performance Game Day Insoles Logo No Odor Product

Odor Control

Helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria and germs.


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