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Diadem Vice Pickleball Paddle Review

by Pickleball Superstore December 27, 2022

diadem vice pickleball paddle review


- This pickleball paddle is not approved for tournament play

- Tons of power and spin, soft for dinking and resets, but hard to control groundstrokes

- The sound this pickleball paddle makes is different

- Not sure if the holes make a difference, but the foam core sure does!



So when this paddle came onto the market, there was a bunch of buzz and hype.  This could have been because of the way it was revealed - at Diacon - however it faded quickly for tournament players because it is not approved for use in tournaments.  And we don't see this paddle ever being approved the way it's currently made.  It's a recreation play paddle only.

The Diadem Vice pickleball paddle is super fun to play with.  It has tons of power and spin, is soft for dinking, but is hard to control groundstrokes as the ball will "pop" off this paddle. 

WARNING: coming straight from the players I played against, the ball can actually explode off the paddle face and can be a bit dangerous to be honest.  When hitting overhead slams and power shots at the NVZ, my opponents all said they got a bit nervous.  The ball flies off this paddle when you hit the sweet spot.  I'd recommend wearing goggles if you're playing against a player using a Diadem Vice pickleball paddle.

There are 26 small holes in the paddle face.  Personally, I could not feel a major difference with the holes.  The sound this paddle makes however is quite different.  Almost like the sound when someone mishits a ball using a carbon or graphite faced pickleball paddle.  The sounds does not appear to be from the holes, but the EVA foam core.  The foam is the major differentiator!

NOTE: the small holes in the pickleball paddle are kinda like those in a padel paddle.  It's like this Vice paddle was inspired by padel.



The EVA foam core is really the innovation here.  Again, taking some features from padel, the foam core is really what makes this paddle different.  Many paddles use polypropolene core. 

For me, this pickleball paddle creates more power than even the Selkirk Power Air series of paddles, however I could control those paddles a bit more.  The ball literally explodes off the Diadem Vice pickleball paddle, when it's hit correctly.  

The foam core may be part of the future of pickleball, however right now this paddle cannot be approved for tournament play.


Diadem Vice Pickleball Paddle Review Blog Post


The DIADEM VICE PICKLEBALL PADDLE was designed to take the game of pickleball to the next level. This revolutionary new concept paddle includes technology never seen before in a pickleball paddle. The unique RP2 Grit Coating combines grit paint with a PU coating to lock in long lasting spin production.

The Vice Paddle introduces the use of EVA foam as a core material giving the user the ultimate feel combined with power and control.  Players no longer have to sacrifice power for control or spin for touch.  The EVA foam also provides a unique, dampened sound that players will enjoy.   Additionally those players with arm issues who are avoiding stiff paddles will benefit from the softest paddle on the market.

The Vice paddle also introduces our new Core Molding System (CMS) which allows for an edgeless look and feel.  Using molded high grade carbon fiber the sides of the paddle are protected with a unique proprietary material with the layers of the carbon fiber mold that is tough enough to handle ground scraping. 

The game of pickleball will never be the same once you experience it with the Vice paddle.  A revolutionary paddle 5 years ahead of anything on the market today. 

Not meant for USAP tournament play.  This concept paddle is a glimpse into the future and the foundation of Diadem's tournament paddles launching in 2023.



 Vice Specs 


8.0 oz

Length 16.4 in
Width 7.4 in
Thickness 16mm
Balance 235mm

EVA Foam

Face RP2 Grit Coating on High Grade Carbon Fiber
Handle Length 5.3"
Grip size 4 1/8" (G1)

Patent Pending


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