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TUESDAY TIP: Add “Hope” To Your Game

by Pickleball Superstore March 14, 2023

Tyson McGuffin and Anna Leigh Waters playing mixed doubles pickleball - winners and improved competition

Tuesday's Tip is tapping into your "Hope molecule."

If you want to give yourself a competitive edge in pickleball, look no further than your body!  Recent studies have illuminated that the "hope molecule" or neuropeptide Y (NPY) benefits sports performance. And simple techniques such as "muscle-tightening," wherein athletes tense their muscles before stepping onto their respective fields or courts, release NPY. 

NPY is a small protein containing 36 amino acids. It is an important protein produced naturally by the body and plays a key role in regulating stress, anxiety, and depression. Elevated amounts of NPY can help you manage stress and anxiety more effectively during intense pressure or competition, improving athletic performance. 

Physical movements, such as clenching the fists or tensing the muscles, may release NPY. For example, in one study, researchers found that clenching fists could increase perseverance and mental toughness under challenging tasks. Another study found that tensing the muscles could produce a more positive emotional state, potentially releasing the body's NPY and other "feel-good" chemicals.

This seemingly simple act of tightening your muscles could benefit your game across various sports. In addition, those looking to enhance their performance might improve success by engaging their muscles before events or physical activities. So, while you may not be able to directly control your levels of NPY, it's nice to know that 'hope" is a clench away. 




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