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CORE Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Everyone knows that outdoor pickleballs wear down over time, but with CORE Outdoor Pickleballs, you’ll be getting an unprecedented amount of use from your pickleballs. CORE Pickleball designed a pickleball that doesn’t crack easily and holds its shape better over time, delivering the best bang for your buck. Play in all kinds of weather thanks to 40 precision-drilled holes, reducing the impact of wind on your shots. The ball is also weighed for extra wind resistance, making it ideal for outdoor play.

Additional Features Include:

    • Engineered for a consistent bounce game after game. These outdoor pickleballs will give you the confidence to trust your shot.
    • Precision drilling to optimize the placement of each hole on the ball. This improves airflow ensuring every shot flies straight and true.
    • Naturally Easy to See with the vibrant neon green color makes tracking the ball with your eyes easy.
  • Colors:  Neon Green
  • Surface:  Outdoor
  • Approved By:  USAPA