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ProKennex Kinetic Pro-Spin Pickleball Paddle

The ProKennex Pro-Spin pickleball paddle features an industry and first ever, “3 Way Access To Spin.

  1. A Starett Legal textured surface
  2. Textured surface embedded into a non-slip surface applicant.
  3. 21 strings submerged beneath the surface  
Our three-prong approach to accessing spin allows players toactivate ball rotation from ourtextured surface andnon-slip applicant in theirshort game whileengaging the stringsduring groundstrokes, serves and returns formaximum spin.

The Pro Spinis a brilliantly designed single-piece paddle with a graphite inlay, making itvirtually indestructible.

As with every ProKennex paddle, the Kinetic system reduces shock by 46% and vibration by 23%, helping eliminate the epidemic of arm injury and strain in Pickleball.


Weight 7.6 oz 
Length: 15.67 inches
Width: 7.6 inches
Thickness: 0.43 inches (11mm)
Handle Length: 5.12 inches