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GAMMA RCF Airbender Pickleball Paddle 16 Shockbuster Weights

The GAMMA Airbender 16 Shockbuster Weights are the ultimate tool for paddle customization. Design for easy installation, these weights offer a personalized touch to enhance your performance on the court. Absorb harmful vibrations and optimize stability as you fine-tune your paddle's feel, providing an unmatched level of comfort and control. With weight options of 3g, 6g, and 9g, you have the flexibility to adjust the swing weight, tailoring your paddle to your unique playing style.

GAMMA Airbender 16 Shockbuster Weights Specifications

Material: Rubber with Zorbicon Gel

Weight: +3g, +6g, +9g (.1oz, .2oz, .3oz respectively)

Quantity: 3 unique weights per package

Carrying Case included