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Selkirk Tacky Pickleball Grip Towel

The Selkirk Tacky Towel is a fast and easy way to improve your grip on your paddle to avoid dropping it during games. The non-toxic formula adds tackiness to help you overcome humidity and perspiration. Moisture is repelled from the hands so that you can comfortably maintain control. The formula won't stain and there's no frustrating residue to clean off afterwards.

The Selkirk Tacky Towel should be applied sparingly at the start so you can determine how much you need to achieve the ideal grip. Simply rub your hands, glove or grip with the towel to use. It strengthens the connection between you and your paddle without making it feel overly sticky.

The Selkirk Tacky Towel is a useful accessory to keep around when you might need extra help to keep hold of your paddle in difficult conditions.

*Initially, please use a very small amount until familiarized with the product*