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Oneshot Aero Powershot Pickleball Paddle

In terms of power paddles, the Aero Powershot Graphite paddle moves to the front of the Oneshot line. The 14.5mm (0.57") thick core, elongated, graphite-faced paddle has added Airflow Technology to create the Aero-series version of the popular Powershot 2.0 paddle. There are now 4 semi-circular vents along the left and right edges of the paddle; the edge guard covers the outside of the vents so the paddle's overall shape is maintained, and carbon fiber is used to line the insides of the vents. Weird, you say? Yes! But also, effective! These vents create channels for the air to flow through and around the outside of the paddle more efficiently, reducing the aerodynamic drag on the paddle face by up to 2%. When drag is decreased, the paddle moves through the air faster allowing the player to hit the ball harder.

The 16.3" overall length of the Aero Powershot provides reach and added whip, making it a great paddle for players who prefer the elongated shape. The graphite face material is control-oriented, but the addition of the cutting edge Airflow technology and elongated shape contribute to the power this paddle can generate.

Material: Core- Polypropylene Honeycomb; Surface- Graphite. Height 16.3”, Width 7.4”, Handle length 5.3”, Thickness 14.5mm and Grip size 4.25”.