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GAMMA Two-Tone Outdoor Training Pickleball Balls - Red/Yellow

Learn how to perfect your pickleball spin withGAMMA's Two-Tone Outdoor Training Pickleballs. Visualizing spin - when and how it occurs - helps players of all levels learn the art of putting spin on a pickleball. The ultra-balanced two-piece construction and 40 precision-molded holes create a consistent, stable, and accurate ball flight. The bright dual colors make the ball easier to see against green outdoor backdrops or neutral court surfaces. Take the guesswork out of learning how to perform a perfect pickleball topspin, backspin, sidespin, or combo spin shot. Great for training and recreational play.

  • great bounce and durability on outdoor surfaces
  • ultra-balanced two-piece construction
  • 40 precision-molded holes
  • bright colors to help visualize spin on outdoor surfaces
  • available in Red/Orange, Purple/Green, or Yellow/Red
What our athletes are saying:

3.5 Players
  • "For the first time I can actually see the different spins on the ball!"
  • "I love how the ball catches my eye and makes me focus better."
  • "The ball seems softer- more forgiving than the ball (Dura -40) I usually play with."
4.0 Players
  • "This ball really helps me see how the swing pattern of my opponent's paddle affects the ball!"
  • "This ball is GREAT! Not anywhere as noisy as the other balls."
4.5-5.0 Tournament Players
  • "What a great 'warm-up' ball. It helps me zero in on the spins and get focused immediately."
  • "Can I take a ball for my next tournament? Think it is a really good perceptual trainer."
  • "Wow! I wish I had this ball when I was first learning about spins."
  • "I like how with greater distance (baseline to baseline rallies) I can actually see the ball spinning off and slowing down."
Certified Pickleball Instructors
  • "I need this ball! Can I borrow it for my clinics tomorrow?"
  • "Fantastic! Wow! What an ideal instructional tool! Where can I buy this?"
  • "How soon can I get this ball? This is clearly a game-changer with awesome 'Show and Tell' capabilities. I need this ball now!"
  • "Are there other balls out there like this? I know tennis has them for kids. Great innovation for pickleball. Now that I see the many applications of this teaching aide I can't wait to get a dozen or so in my hands!"