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GAMMA CHUCK Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Meet CHUCK, the pickleball that wants you to feel great about your play. The GAMMA Chuck Tournament Pickleball, designed with 38 holes instead of 40, is the only ball on the market that's completely symmetrical, for a true flight experience. What's more, CHUCK is engineered to withstand temperatures at both ends of the outdoor spectrum - so CHUCK won't warp or crack when exposed to heat and cold. Start your game with confidence. Play with CHUCK and experience enhanced speed, durability, and consistent flight.

The Official Pickleball of DUPR.

GAMMA CHUCK Pickleball Ball Specifications

• Type: Outdoor

• Material: Polypropylene

• Holes: 38

• Diameter: 2.93"

• Weight: 0.91"

• Color: Bright Yellow