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ONIX Evoke Premier Pro Raw Carbon Pickleball Paddle Review

ONIX Evoke Premier Pro Raw Carbon Pickleball Paddle - Played by Callie Jo Smith and Lucy Kovalova


Pickleball paddle played by pros Callie Jo Smith, Lucy Kovalova, Matt Wright and others.  Let's go! 


- Overall: if you like playing with carbon-faced paddles, this is a solid consideration and comes recommended.  This review will mainly be on the 16mm version, however there are other models available: 14mm, 12mm and 10mm.  As the paddle gets thinner, you will notice more pop and less control.  My style play is more control and placement focused, thus the 16mm review.  The paddle feels great in your hand, has a nice weight distribution and performed very well relative to power, spin and control.  The 16mm version is a bit heavier, so a little slower at the net than the other paddles in this line up.

NOTE: when playing in the wind, the 14mm / Control pickleball paddle was a great step-up from the 16mm.

The good thing about this paddle is that you can find a model which suits your game / skill set.  

  • 10mm Max Power
  • 12mm Power
  • 14mm Control
  • 16mm Max Control

- Performance: the Max Control and Control paddles felt great with all areas of the game and with resets in the transition zone.  The power or spin are similar to some of the other carbon faced paddles on the market including the CRBN or GRUVN or JOOLA paddles.  The Max Power and Power model offered more umph which was great, but you don't lose massive control like you can with other "power" branded paddles.  The 10mm version felt more like the ProKennex Black Ace.

- Spin: the spin on these paddles is quite good.  Obviously the newer the paddle, the better the spin, as is with more carbon pickleball paddles which can lose grit over time.  Drives generated nice topspin and dinks were also able to benefit from the spin.  Definitely a good paddle for spin.

- Power: the Max Control model plays similar to many other 16mm's designed for Control.  For someone looking for more pop, the Power or Max Power models are for you.  Tennis players transitioning to pickleball and bangers with great technique will love the Power and Max Power models.  If you have a hard time resetting, hit a lot of pop-up dinks or hit a lot of drives long with a 16mm or even 14mm paddle, the 12mm and 10mm paddles are not for you!

- Control: not to be redundant, but the Max Control is the option for players looking for placement, resets, dinks, etc.  You won't loose power but the 16mm plays softer than the other models.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Max Power can perform in these areas as well, however mastering a more control-centric game using the 10mm will require practice and skill.  The Max Power would not be ideal for anyone looking to increase their "control" shots during pickleball play.

- Sweet Spot: the sweet spot of this pickleball paddle was a bit better than most "standard" shaped carbon-faced paddles.  The weight distribution of the paddle helps here - adding weight can also assist.  Not many miss-hits, however if the ball hits close to the edge or neck of these paddles, you'll receive similar results as many other paddles.  The VELOZ Quadra still has one of the best sweet spots in the game.

ONIX Evoke Premier Pro Raw Carbon Pickleball Paddle - Callie Smith Pro Pickleball Player

ONIX Evoke Premier Pro Raw Carbon Pickleball Paddle

Introducing the all-new ONIX Evoke Premier Raw Carbon Pickleball Paddle from ONIX Pickleball, this raw carbon fiber surface texture increases traction on the pickleball for maximum spin and control without sacrificing pop and power. The polypropylene core provides a lightweight and durable paddle with excellent all-around maneuverability. This lightweight pickleball paddle is also constructed with a non-slip, comfort grip that makes it easy to control on the court. These paddles are USA Pickleball (USAPA) approved for tournament play. A full edge guard provides added protection during aggressive play. Raise the level of your game. Play Your Best with ONIX!

    RAW CARBON FIBER SURFACE   – The raw carbon fiber surface provides a naturally textured paddle surface which increases spin and control on the ball for improved and precise shot making

    PICKLEBALL PADDLE MODELS – Max Power (10 mm) weighs 7.25-7.75 oz., Power (12 mm) and Control (14 mm) weigh 7.5-8 oz., and Max Control (16 mm) weighs 7.75-8.25 oz.

    DIMENSIONS   – Max Power (10 mm): 3 7/8" handle circumference, 5' handle length. Power (12 mm): 4 1/8" handle circumference, 5" handle length. Control (14 mm) and Max Control (16 mm): 4 1/8" handle circumference, 5.35" handle length

    ONE-PIECE CONSTRUCTION – The singular piece core construction maximizes structural integrity between the paddle face and handle for enhanced paddle stability and durability

    LIGHTWEIGHT – These lightweight paddles are designed with an edge guard to provide extra protection during rigorous play while retaining speed and agility

    PREMIUM PERFORATED GRIP - The ONIX premium perforated grip provides increased comfort, tackiness as well as shock absorption

    Evoke Premier Pro Raw Carbon Pickleball Paddle Specs

    • Paddle Length: 16"
    • Face Width: 8"
    • Handle Length: Max Power (10 mm) and Power (12 mm): 5", Control (14 mm) and Max Control (16 mm): 5.35"
    • Grip Size Circumference: Max Power (10 mm): 3 7/8", Power (12 mm): 4 1/8", Control (14 mm) and Max Control (16 mm): 4 1/8"
    • Weight: Max Power (10 mm) weighs 7.25-7.75 oz., Power (12 mm) and Control (14 mm) weigh 7.5-8 oz., and Max Control (16 mm) weighs 7.75-8.25 oz
    • Face: Raw Carbon
    • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb
    • Paddle Shape: Standard
    • Handle Shape: Tennis Handle
    • Edge Guard: Yes
    • Meets USAPA requirements: Yes

    Approximate weights and measurements only

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