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How Much Does A Pickleball Court Cost For A School To Build?

by Pickleball Superstore March 29, 2024

Two children play pickleball on their school’s pickleball court


Pickleball's popularity has soared, prompting schools to consider adding courts. Costs for building one range from $13,200 to $35,200 for regulation size. Factors like court size, location, and potential multi-sport use influence expenses. Converting existing courts can save money, but excavation and surface choices impact costs significantly.

Main Points:

  • Pickleball court costs range from $13,200 to $35,200 for regulation size.
  • Considerations include court size, location, and potential multi-sport use.
  • Converting existing courts can save money.
  • Excavation and surface choices significantly impact costs.
  • Multi-sport courts offer versatility but require additional accessories.

The popularity of pickleball has exploded! Millions of new players have taken to the court over the past five years. It follows that schools across the country would be interested in adding pickleball to their physical education curriculums.

With the pickleball court itself playing such a critical role in the game, getting started requires an investment. How much does a pickleball court cost to build?

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know to budget for the addition of a pickleball court at your school. Continue reading to learn how to build a regulation court without breaking the bank. You’ll have those kids up and moving in no time!

What Is the Cost to Build a Pickleball Court?

As a general rule, you can calculate the cost of building a pickleball court by the square foot. A regulation pickleball court is 880 square feet. Depending on materials, space, and other factors, the cost ranges between $15 to $40 per square foot. Thus, building a regulation-sized pickleball court can range in price between $13,200 and $35,200.

With that said, that price can vary greatly depending on a number of significant factors. We’ll discuss other considerations below.

What Size Will Your Pickleball Court Be?

How important is it to you that your pickleball court is regulation-sized? Will you be hosting tournaments and competitions? If not, you may wish to build your court either larger or smaller than 20' W x 44' L (or 880 square feet).

If your court is for an elementary or middle school, you might wish to consider a mini pickleball court. Mini pickleball is played on a court that is half the width of a regulation pickleball court (10’ W x 44’ L). That cuts the square footage down considerably. A 440-square-foot mini pickleball court might range in price from $6,600 to $17,600.

With that said some courts do include an additional boundary outside of the court itself, which may or may not factor into the cost.

Two children relax on their school’s pickleball court

Where Will You Build Your Pickleball Court?

Many schools already have athletic facilities in place. Often, it’s easier to convert an existing court into a pickleball court rather than starting from scratch.

For example, the cost to convert a tennis court to a pickleball court is much less than the cost to excavate. You’ll also need to lay concrete, build retaining walls, and add drainage solutions. It adds up!

Starting with a hard, flat surface reduces pickleball court installation costs. In some cases, you may only need to repaint. Learn more about pickleball courts and how they compare to tennis courts here.

With that said, if you will be starting from scratch, you’ll need to factor in pickleball court construction costs, including excavation. Pickleball courts of all sizes require a flat, hard surface. In the school setting, the right surface also ensures player safety.

Once excavated, you will also need to decide on subsurfacing: concrete, asphalt, rebar, etc.

Concrete pickleball court costs will depend on who does the work. Will this be a DIY job, or will you hire a team?

Will You Make It a Multi-Sport Court?

There are some choices you can make to turn your pickleball court into an investment. Many courts can include painted or printed lines. These can transform any court into a multi-sport court, allowing for additional versatility.

Physical education teachers can use multisport courts for various activities throughout the year, from tennis to basketball. If you choose this option, you will have to factor in the cost of accessories, such as basketball hoops.

When you’re ready to choose equipment for your new pickleball court, browse the selection at Pickleball Superstore. Shop our paddles to choose the equipment that will keep your students fit, happy, and excited about their new favorite sport!

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