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adidas Pickleball Paddles - Adipower ATTK and CTRL Pickleball Paddle Review

by Pickleball Superstore December 21, 2023

Image: Pickleball Professional Play Rafa Hewitt playing adidas Pickleball Paddle



-Overall:adidas’ top of the line pickleball paddle, the Adipower Attk is used by pickleball professional's Rafa Hewett & William Sobek. This paddle is a major upgrade from it’s previous model. Garnering adidas’ Spin Blade Max grit, a 24k Aluminized Carbon surface, and a High-Density Polypropylene core making this a formidable paddle against many other brands’ top paddles.

-Performance:The Adipower Attk pickleball paddle is great on the kitchen line, providing a soft, accurate touch, but still capable of handling fast speed up from opponents. When serving, it has a fantastic balance of spin and power providing a very effective serve that makes it difficult to return. The handle is 5” long which provides enough space to get two hands on the paddle for players who enjoy the stability and power of a two-handed shot. Overall, This pickleball paddle is an excellent choice to help take your game to the next level.

-Spin:The Spin Blade Max grit that adidas has created offers great spin that really grips the ball and works well to create backspin or top spin. This grit holds up very well and does not wear down easily, leaving your paddle hitting like brand new for a long time.

-Power:The Adipower Attk truly lives up to its name. The 24k Aluminized Carbon, elongated “ATTK” Shape, and the High-Density Polypropylene core allows this paddle to have great pop, power, and accuracy when going for a point. Serves feel strong and intentional every time and speed up’s at the kitchen line unleash plenty of trouble for your opponents.

-Control:Although this paddle is designed for power, it maintains a soft feel when absorbing shots that allow for easy and accurate returns. When you pair this with a strong sweetspot and adidas’ spin blade max grit, you will feel comfortable placing the ball anywhere on the court with elite accuracy.

-Sweet Spot:As mentioned, the sweet spot on the Adipower Attk provides a large boost in power, accuracy, and stability. Similar to the rest of the adidas’ line, it feels as though you can hit the ball anywhere on the paddle and get an accurate strike against your opponents.


  • Sweet spot: Top
  • Face: Carbon Aluminized 24k
  • Material Core: High Density Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Frame: Carbon Reinforcement
  • Spin blade: Spin Blade MAX
  • Color: Yellow
  • Grip Material: PU-EVA Combo
  • Grip Length: 5"
  • Grip Circumference : 4 1/8"
  • Weight: 7.5oz - 7.8oz
  • Thickness: 14mm
  • Dimensions: 16 1/2 " x 7 1/2 "



-Overall:Similar to the Adipower Attk, the Adipower Ctrl pickleball paddle offers the same great benefits but with a different shape. The “Ctrl” Shape this paddle offers players who prioritize making contact and keeping the play alive than those who play aggressive and attack the point.

-Performance:This paddle feels great in your hands. When returning, it feels like you are getting everything that comes your way. Crafted with 24k Aluminized Carbon, High-Density Polypropylene Core, and adidas’ Spin Blade Max grit, this is a great option for players who like all the features of a top performance paddle but prefer a more passive and controlled game.

-Spin:The adidas Spin Blade Max grit elevates your hits to provide elite accuracy and difficult reads for an opposing player. The wider Surface area also plays a role as it hits consistently through the entire face of the paddle.

-Power:Although it does not have the torque and high sweet spot power of it’s counterpart, the Adipower Attk, the Adipower Ctrl still delivers potent striking force. Serves, speed up’s, and back line returns all come with ease with this paddle.

-Control:The Adipower Ctrl really steps up to the plate when discussing accuracy, ball absorption, and control of the court. The wider face design allows players to have more room for error laterally which helps make accurate returns when quick reflexes are needed.

-Sweet Spot:The Sweet spot is strong, feels effortless, and accurate. As mentioned earlier, this paddle feels like it’s entire face is a sweet spot.


 Sweet spot: Center

 Fiber: Carbon Aluminized 24k

 Material Core: High Density Polypropylene Honeycomb

 Frame: Carbon Reinforcement

 Reinforcement: Carbon Fiber

 Spin blade: Spin Blade MAX

 Color: Red

 Grip Material: PU-EVA Combo

 Grip Length: 5"

 Grip Circumference : 4 1/8"

 Weight: 7.8oz - 8.2oz

 Thickness: 14mm

 Dimensions: 16 " x 8 "

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