SLK Graphite Atlas Control Widebody Pickleball Paddle

The SLK Atlas Control Widebody Pickleball Paddle is a great option for the improving player! This medium weight paddle offers a generous hitting surface and sweetspot making it easier to get more balls back in play. The dual-layer graphite surface offers a soft feel for dialing in touch and precision while the polymer core provides added punch.  A slightly longer-than-average length handle allows for extra reach and provides enough room for using a two-handed backhand. Beginner to intermediate players will enjoy a balanced blend of characteristics that will allow them to dial in their technical game.

  • Weight Range: 7.75 oz
  • Core: Polymer PowerCore
  • Hitting Surface: Dual Layer Graphite
  • Grip Size: 4.25 in
  • Handle Length: 5.25 in
  • Paddle Length: 15.5 in
  • Paddle Width: 8.25 in
  • Paddle Thickness: 13 mm
  • Factory Grip: SLK Ultra-Comfort Grip